Spicy Rate :  * mild, ** medium, *** hot, **** Very hot, ***** Extra hot






 Extra:  Chicken, Pork, or Beef $2.00, Prawn or Squid $2.50,  

              Seafood or   Scallop $3.50














                  Dinner Menu




















Fresh Rolls





     Rice wrapper with noodle, shrimps and vegetables served with


     homemade sauce





Spring Rolls





     Deep fried spring rolls stuffed with carrots, bean thread noodle,


     and cabbage.





Happy Wrapper





     Sautéed shredded cabbage, carrot, chopped chicken, and prawns


     with sesame oil.                   Served with crispy lettuce.





Golden Fried Tofu





     Deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce.


Crab Delight





     Wontons stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese, deep fried and


     served with sweet and sour sauce.





Chicken Sate





   Strips of chicken marinated in curry, coconut milk, and spices. 


   Served on skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.


Prawn Rolls





   Prawns marinated in special traditional Thai sauce, wrapped like


   spring roll deep fried and served with sweet and plum sauce.


Mixed Appetizers





   2 skewers of chicken sate, 3 pieces of Crab Delight, 2 Spring Rolls,


   and 4 pieces of Golden Fried Tofu.





Pot Sticker





     Thin pastry shell filled with chicken and mixed vegetables,


     deep fried to perfection.




















Tom Yum Prawns





     Traditional Thai hot and sour soup.  Light broth soup with


     lemongrass and keifer lime leaf base, served with mushroom,


     onion and cilantro.





Tom Kha Chicken





     Another popular Thai soup with a richer texture that soothest


     the palate milk simmered with lemongrass, galangal and


     Keifer lime leaf to perfection.  Served with mushroom, onion


     and cilantro.





Wonton Soup





     Homemade dumplings filled with ground pork and mild spice


     cooked in a clear yet flavorful broth filled with bok choy.

Seafood Soup                                       $10.75

     A heart seafood soup with prawns, mussels, clams, squid, 

     lemon grass and lime juice.


Tofu Soup





     Spinach and soft tofu in light broth.




















Trout Mango Salad





     (Only while in season)





     Deep-fried trout tossed with mango salad dressing, Thai spices,


     carrot, cabbage, and nuts.





Ocean Salad





     Prawns, mussels, clams, and squids, tossed in a light lime leaves,


     onion, cilantro, cucumber, tomatoes.





Larb Gai





     Ground chicken tossed with lime juice, Thai spices, onions,


     a touch of chili pepper, mint leaves, and cilantro.


     Served on a bed of lettuce.





Yum Nua (Thai Beef Salad)





     Grilled beef tossed in a light lime, Thai spices, a touch of our


     smoked chili paste, mint leaves, onions,  cilantro, cucumber,


     and tomatoes.  Served with lettuce.





Papaya Salad





     Shredded fresh green papaya, tomatoes, and peanut in


     our spicy lime dressing.





Duck Salad





     Roasted duck with green & red onion, carrot, and cilantro


     in our spicy chili sauce on the bed of lettuce.


Yum Woon Sen





     Steamed prawns and ground chicken tossed with bean thread


      noodles, cashew nuts, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumbers,


      chili sauce and lime juice.





Green Salad





     Crisp lettuce, green leaves, shredded cabbage, carrot, cucumber,


     and tomatoes, topped with our Thai homemade salad dressing.

















Cashew Nut





     Meat or tofu sautéed in our own smoke chili sauce, garlic, onion,


     bell peppers, carrot, cashew nut.





Swimming Rama





    Sautéed meat or tofu on a bed of spinach and topped with 


     peanut sauce.





Garlic Lover





     Meat or tofu marinated lightly in garlic and black pepper then


     then sautéed and served with steamed vegetables.


Lemongrass Chicken





     Boneless chicken breast marinated in a mixture of curry,


     lemongrass and herbs then char-broiled to perfection.


     Served with mixed vegetables and our chili plum sauce.


Orange Chicken





     Strips of chicken breast dipped in batter and deep fried


     to a crispy golden brown then sautéed with onion, orange rind,


     and our special sauce.





Honey Pork





     Grill BBQ pork marinated in honey coriander garlic and sesame oil.


Pad Basil





     Very popular Thai dish for any time of day.  Meat or tofu sautéed


     onion, bell peppers, and Thai basil.





Prig Khing





     Meat or Tofu and green beans sautéed with garlic, peanut sauce


     and a touch of Thai chili paste.





Princess Favorite





     A medley of colorful vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions,


     bell peppers, and pineapples) sautéed with our homemade


     sweet and sour sauce.





Vegetable Deluxe





     Meat or tofu and vegetables stir fried with garlic in a light sauce.


Heavenly Beef





     Tender beef marinated with coriander powder and mixed herbs


     sautéed in our special sweet sauce.  Served sizzling hot on the bed


     of onions.





Nua Takai





     Grill beef marinated with lemongrass.  Served with vegetables.

















Pad Thai Noodles





     A traditional favorite stir-fried rice  noodles with your choice


     of meat or tofu, eggs, onions, and bean sprouts topped with


     ground peanuts.





Lard Nah





     Wide fresh rice noodles lightly pan fried in sweet soy sauce then


     topped with a gravy of garlic, fresh broccoli, and oyster sauce.


     Your choice of meat.





Pad Se-Ew





     Wide fresh rice noodles stir fried with eggs, broccoli and your


     choice of meat.





Pad Kee Mao





     Wide fresh rice noodles pan stir fried with garlic, chili peppers,


     broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and Thai basil.  Your choice of meat.


Rama Noodles





     Sauteed rice noodles served on a bed of spinach and topped


     with peanut sauce.





Pad Woon Sen





     Stir-fried bean thread noodles with eggs, tomatoes, green onions,


     bean sprouts, and celery.  Your choice of meat.


Tom Yum Noodle Soup





     Rice noodles with chicken in hot & sour soup with carrots,


     bean sprouts, snow peas, cilantro, green onions, bok choy.


Rice Noodle Soup





     Rice noodles in clear broth with bean sprouts, carrots,


     snow peas, bok choy, green onions, and cilantro.


Curry Noodle Soup





     Rice noodles in a curry sauce with bean sprouts, and topped


     with green onions, cilantro.  Your choice of meat.

















Red Curry





     Red curry in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green beans, zucchini,


     and Thai sweet basil.





Green Curry





     One of our spicier curries in coconut milk with bamboo shoots,


     zucchini, green bean, and Thai basil.





Yellow Curry





     Meat or Tofu cooked in coconut milk, yellow curry, potatoes,


     and tomatoes.





Panang Curry





     A very popular curry cooked with your choice of meat in


     a rich creamy mixture of coconut milk, chili  Thai herbs,


     bell peppers, and Thai sweet basil.





Duck Curry





   BBQ duck in red curry and coconut milk with zucchini, tomatoes,


   bell peppers, pineapples, and Thai sweet basil.


Massaman Curry





   Your choice of meat cooked in massaman curry with coconut milk,


   potatoes, carrots, pineapples, onions, and peanuts







Fried Rice










Thai Fried Rice





     Choice of pork, beef or chicken with rice, onions, carrots, peas


     and egg.





Curry Pineapple Fried Rice(not spicy)





     Rice stir fried with your choice of meat, a touch of yellow curry


     powder, egg, onions, tomatoes, and pineapple.


Basil Fried Rice





     Stir fried jasmine rice with basil, eggs, mushroom, bell peppers,


     and onions.





Garlic Fried Rice





     Rice stir fried with garlic, marinated pork, topped with cilantro.


Thai Chili Paste Fried Rice





     Choice of pork, beef or chicken stir fried with eggs, onions,

     basil, tomatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots,


     broccoli and chili paste.















Hanuman's Typhoon





   A combination of mussels, clams, prawns, and squids, sautéed


   with chili paste, bell peppers, zucchini, basil, and mushroom.


Garlic Fish





     Deep fried Trout marinated lightly in garlic sauce and black pepper


     then sautéed and served with broccoli, bell pepper, and cilantro.


Hanuman's Prawns





     Stir fried prawns with asparagus, broccoli, carrot, zucchini and


     bell pepper.





Wild Wild Squids





     Sautéed squids, bamboo shoot, onions, bell peppers, broccoli,


     zucchini, green beans, and mushroom with the hot red chili paste.


     (can be made less spicy too)





Yellow Sea





     Seafood medley sautéed with eggs, onion, carrots, celery,


     a touch of yellow curry powder.





Salmon Curry





     Salmon in Panang Curry sauce and coconut milk with bell pepper


     and Thai sweet basil.

Ginger Salmon



   Grilled salmon, asparagus, and red bell pepper in ginger shitake sauce.




Pan-fried scallop, green bean, bell pepper, broccoli, zucchini, gra chaay, top with crispy basil.  Served with sizzling plate.




















Sautéed Broccoli





      Broccoli and tofu sautéed in oyster sauce.

Eggplant with Basil





   Thai eggplant sautéed with chili, basil, bell peppers, and shitake mushrooms

    in a black bean sauce.





Tofu with Black Bean Sauce





     Tofu stir fried with black bean sauce, mushrooms, snow peas, and carrots.



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